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Common Causes of Hip Pain & How to Naturally End It

We utilize our hips for both balancing and movement, and because of that, the hips’ soft tissues (muscles) and joints are often in use. Even as we sit, we’re applying pressure on areas related to hip function.

Because of the connectivity of the musculoskeletal system (the tissues and joints) and the spine, hip pain can stem from injuries or dysfunctions in other parts of the body. For a successful recovery, it’s vital to find what’s causing your hip pain so you can get the proper treatment.

However, sometimes, you just need hip pain relief now.

This post goes over:

  • Why we get hip pain

  • Common injuries associated with hip discomfort and the symptoms they can cause

  • Three natural remedies to relieve hip pain naturally

  • How chiropractic care can end hip pain

  • And more

Let’s get to it…

Why Do I Have Hip Pain?

Hip pain is common among all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons- younger and older, active and inactive, from overusing the joint to underusing the tissues, and everyone in between.

Common reasons for hip pain include:

  • Poor habitual movement patterns

  • Poor posture and ergonomics

  • Sitting for long periods

  • Standing for long periods

  • Sports-related activities

  • Trauma, such as a car accident or surgery

You should always pay attention when your hip underperforms, loses motion, or feels pain. Getting treatment sooner rather than later will help prevent further injury and discomfort.

Common injuries related to hip pain include:

  • Disc herniation

  • Sciatica

  • Sprains

  • Strains

  • Inflammation

  • Hip impingement

  • Arthritis

  • Hip tendinitis

  • Hip Bursitis

These injuries cause numerous symptoms, including:

  • Loss of range of motion

  • Dull to severe pain in the hip and groin

  • Inability to put weight on the affected side

  • Thigh pain

  • Hip pain when the joint is used

  • Stiffness and weakness in the hip and leg

When untreated, hip pain can worsen, and conditions can become chronic and more serious. Get the help your body is asking for.

Natural Remedies for Hip Pain Relief (you can do now)

When we’re in pain, the most prominent thing on our minds is usually getting out of it. You don’t have to run to the medicine cabinet and take medication that only masks pain and does nothing to enhance the healing process. You have more effective and less risky solutions at hand.

Three tips that you can do right now to help your body heal naturally and reduce your pain:

  • Movement: if walking bothers your hip, find another activity or movement to get the blood flowing (cycling, swimming, yoga, etc)

  • Stretch: gentle stretching can restore function, flexibility, and range of motion by promoting the healing and strengthening of tissues

  • Massage: massaging the hip and surrounding areas takes the pressure off affected tissues, soothes and relaxes the muscles, and offers reduced mental stress that often accompanies pain

Chiropractic to Help Hip Injuries

At-home natural remedies can reduce your discomfort and nurture healing; however, it’s always best to meet with your local chiropractor to ensure you get responsible and lasting care. Treating the condition causing your hip pain with chiropractic solutions will help end your hip pain at the source.

Common chiropractic treatments to manage hip injuries include:

Finding the cause of your pain is instrumental in your recovery. Chiropractic care is safe, natural, and non-invasive, allowing you to find the comfort you need.

Visit Our Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic & Resolve Your Hip Pain

If your hip pain is standing in the way of your active, comfortable lifestyle, our Lawrence sports chiropractors are prepared to help. We have hip pain solutions that help the body heal quickly and holistically.

Don’t let your discomfort prevent you from living the life you want. Let’s get you back in action starting today. Book with us now.


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