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What to Know About Tennis Elbow (+ 3 Reasons to Get Chiropractic to Treat It)

How Chiropractic Helps End Tennis Elbow

Contrary to popular belief, tennis elbow is not just a condition that affects tennis players. In fact, it’s estimated that over 90% of those diagnosed with tennis elbow are not involved in tennis. 

The condition can affect anyone, regardless of age or lifestyle, making it a more common health concern than you might think. 

In this post, we go over:

  • What tennis elbow is

  • Tennis elbow symptoms

  • Natural ways to relieve tennis elbow pain at home

  • Reasons to work with a sports chiropractor for lasting tennis elbow relief

  • Tips to help prevent tennis elbow

  • And more

If you’re experiencing elbow pain and wondering if it’s tennis elbow, read on to learn all about it and how your local sports chiropractor can help end your discomfort at the source. 

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, also called lateral epicondylitis, occurs when the elbow tendons are overused and become inflamed or irritated. The elbow tendons are soft tissues that connect the forearm muscles to the bone outside of the elbow and are used for many sports and everyday movement patterns. 

Patients who commonly get tennis elbow typically perform repetitive motions with their wrists and arms. 

Those prone to tennis elbow include:

  • Athletes who regularly play racquet sports

  • Golfers

  • Weightlifters

  • Carpenters 

  • Painters

  • Plumbers

  • Cooks, chefs, and butchers

  • People who regularly type on a computer keyboard

  • People who regularly mouse on a computer 

  • People who use poor form or equipment 

  • Smokers

  • And others

With habitual and repetitive wrist and arm motions, the tendons can swell, tear, or break down, leading to uncomfortable symptoms on the outside of the elbow (golfer’s elbow is a condition that affects the inside of the elbow). 

Common symptoms of tennis elbow include:

  • Pain, burning, or aching on the outside of your elbow, forearm, or wrist

  • Pain that worsens over time

  • Pain that radiates down to your wrist, even while the arm is at rest 

  • Pain when you try to grip or lift small objects

  • Weak grip

  • Swelling and discomfort in the elbow joint

It’s always best to call a chiropractor when you notice aches and pains. Your chiropractor will use safe, natural solutions to treat the underlying condition rather than advising patients to take medication or succumb to aggressive treatments. 

These organic remedies are chiropractor-approved and can reduce your tennis elbow pain as healing is encouraged:

  • Work and/or activity modification to not aggravate the tendon attachment so it can heal and recover

  • Gently massage the elbow and the tissues around the elbow to encourage circulation and remove tension 

  • Range of motion stretches for the forearm muscles

3 Reasons to Get Chiropractic Care for Tennis Elbow 

The tips above can help you find relief; however, working with a sports chiropractor will ensure you get the optimal treatment plan, among other benefits. 

Chiropractic treats the injury

Chiropractors understand that treating pain isn’t the way to get lasting results. The injury itself needs to heal, which means utilizing chiropractic solutions that promote soft tissue recovery and strengthening is vital to your healing process. 

Chiropractic is holistic

Comprehensive care is important to your overall movement and function. Your chiropractor will provide a whole-body assessment to determine all imbalances, injuries, or conditions that may be contributing to your tennis elbow injury. 

Chiropractic offers guidance & education

Working with a chiropractor, you’ll learn about your movement patterns and habits so you can better care for your body proactively. This helps you avoid re-injury and nurtures strength and flexibility. 

Chiropractic Solutions for Tennis Elbow Relief in Lawrence

Our Lawrence chiropractic clinic offers chiropractic solutions that heal the affected tendons so you can return to your activities safely and pain-free. 

Natural chiropractic treatments we use to address tennis elbow include:

We know your health and function are essential, so we’ll also provide take-home exercises, stretches, and insight into your unique lifestyle, giving you the tools to protect your body. 

Some tips to help prevent tennis elbow include:

  • Warming up and stretching your arm muscles before playing a sport that involves repetitive arm movements

  • Using lighter sports equipment or racquets with a larger grip size

  • Keeping your wrist straight, if possible, while working

  • Holding tools with a looser grip

  • Strengthening your forearm muscles and grip

Our team is well-versed in treating tennis elbow, and we understand that each case is unique. We will develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to your individual needs, taking into account your lifestyle. 

Don’t let your tennis elbow symptoms deter you from your routine. Let’s get you back in action starting now—book with us today. 


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