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Can a Chiropractor Treat My Headaches?

Chiropractic for Effective Headache Relief

There’s not much worse than a headache that can put a full stop to a productive day. Whether your headaches are typically a simple annoyance or they put you in bed for hours, you want them gone. 

While heading the medicine cabinet can provide a quick fix that can help with your pain, it won’t give you the lasting results you need. Your chiropractor can help determine why you get headaches so you can better avoid them, reduce their frequency and severity, and even end chronic headaches altogether. 

Chiropractic care is a responsible way to heal the body and support mental and emotional well-being, which often affects headaches. If you suffer from any kind of headache, read on to learn beneficial reasons you should work with a chiropractor for headache management starting today. 

3 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Your Headaches

No matter what kind of headache you get, it affects you. From trigger-induced to tension-type to headaches from improper habitual movement patterns or a car accident, getting effective solutions is pivotal to your quality of life. 

Partnering with a chiropractor can give you the real solutions you’re looking for. Below are three reasons to make the call right now. 

Chiropractors utilize an efficient approach to headache treatment 

Chiropractic doesn’t only focus on symptoms but also on every aspect of the body and each patient’s lifestyle, movement patterns, goals, and more to design meticulous healing strategies. 

The body has many intricate systems that work together to support us properly. When one area is damaged, others are affected, leading to compensation that can cause more pain and dysfunction. 

Your chiropractor will help find imbalances that are contributing to your headaches, safely treat those imbalances, and get your body functioning better. 

Chiropractors offer individualized, proactive guidance to headache patients

Along with in-clinic treatment, chiropractors provide guidance and education that give each patient the tools to keep their body protected. After a conversation that considers numerous factors, you’ll leave knowing how to help keep headaches at bay with preventative care. 


Depending on your lifestyle, habits, and headaches, you may get insight on any of the following: 

  • Proper posture and movement patterns

  • Correct lifting techniques

  • Proper workstation setup 

  • Ergonomics

  • Trigger avoidance 

  • Exercises and stretches 

  • Managing stress and anxiety 

  • And more

Chiropractors help reduce mental stress to help prevent headaches

The body and mind work symbiotically to support each other, sending signals that tell each other how to move and react. Physical discomfort affects our mental and emotional well-being and contributes to higher stress levels, which can manifest physically and create further discomfort. 

Knowing why you have headaches and how to control them can decrease your pain and your stress. Chiropractic methods reduce pressure and tension in the tissues, relax muscles, and restore the spine and joints so you can function free from pain. 

Visit Our Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic for Lasting Headache Relief 

Our chiropractic team knows that when one part of the body is imbalanced, others will suffer. Finding the cause of your headaches is imperative to getting proper and effective treatment. 

We use natural chiropractic solutions that promote healing for lasting results and provide education and exercises for preventative care based on your unique circumstances. 

Our chiropractic techniques and services treat numerous conditions and injuries within the spine and musculoskeletal system (the soft tissues and joints) that contribute to chronic headaches, migraines, tension headaches, and others. 

Common chiropractic methods we use to help end headaches at the source include:

We’ll also give you individualized insight into the types of headaches you get so you can help discourage them and stop worrying about when one will occur and how painful it will be when it does. 

You deserve to live pain-free. If you’re ready to regain control and feel confident in your healthy body, let’s get you scheduled today.  


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