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Why We Are Not in Network With Most Insurance Companies.

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

More and more people are discovering chiropractors are not taking insurance plans.  This obviously leads to the question . . . why?

The decision is not the same for all doctors so we cannot answer this for everyone, but we can give you a little insight on what led us to move towards a cash-based practice. 

The leading factor for this decision was time.  Our practice is focused on getting people moving pain free as quickly as possible.  This means we want to limit the number of visits our patients make to our office which requires us to be flexible with the time we spend with each patient while in the office.  Every patient experiences pain differently and in order to treat that pain we have to customize our treatment for each patient.  An insurance-based model would require that we try to see as many patients in a day as possible.  This type of scheduling would limit the amount of time spent at each visit thus requiring more visits to accomplish less results. 

Education and exercise are crucial to helping patients move and heal.  We love to take the time to teach our patients exercises that can help rehab their injury and prevent future injuries.  Because of this we believe that our care is an investment that saves money down the road.  Less visits + more education + injury prevention = LESS MONEY SPENT.  This also will allow for patients to have more time enjoying life!

An analogy I like to use is this; think of your health insurance like your car insurance.  It is there if you have a big accident, but your car insurance will not pay to change your oil, tires or coolant.  We know that if we do not take care of our car, repairs can be expensive.  The same is true for your health.  Want to avoid the big accident?  Then we have to do some maintenance on ourselves!

Yours in health,

Drs. Amanda & Jeric Toney


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